Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome To Best Advice Ever This Week! This Week: Marty

It's in my nature to absorb good advice, and throughout my brief life I've filed away in my memory quite a stock of other people's smart ideas. It seems that well-put wisdom can come from anybody at anytime, you just have to keep your ears peeled, so to speak. This blog will include the best advice ever from the past as well as whatever I've picked up this week.

I decided to start this blog because of my friend Marty. Marty, a 22-year-old free-spirit-tattoo-artist-come-busboy, who may or may not be chemically enhanced at all times, (hard to tell) seems, despite his tendency to ramble on a bit, to spontaneously spew forth tit-bits of entertaining wisdom. Here are just a few that I can recall at the moment, but I suspect I'll remember more, and he'll keep producing...

"It's all good. As long as you don't hit your head." - Marty

Oddly enough, he got a concussion the next day.

"Tea is better than the internet."  - Marty

This is both true and good to keep in mind when considering what you do with your spare time.

"It's good to change things up sometimes." - Marty

We do indeed get stuck in our ruts too easy in life. Take it from a guy that averages 2 new tattoos a week: change isn't as scary as it often seems.

This is Marty. Surely he is conjuring up a deep thought in this moment... or he might just be taking a break from doodling on the table. Again, hard to tell.

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