Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If you are planning an epic night that might see the sunrise, here's your advice...

I once met a girl for all of 5 minutes down in Queenstown, New Zealand who gave me some very Good Advice for the on-the-go party animal, which many of you are.

From a lack of a picture of her, here's a picture of Queenstown:

Queenstown, New Zealand. Home of the Bungee Jump.

So anyway, this chick said to me, as she was heading out for the evening:

"I never go anywhere without my jumper, my sunnies, and my toggs."  -Kiwi Chick


Jumper: This means hoody. A cozy sweatshirt is always good to have on hand when going out for a big night. You never know where you're going to end up when you might need an extra layer for warmth or something to casual-down in at the end of your evening. Furthermore, if you end up crashing on your buddy's floor or sofa, it can double as a pillow or a blanket. Let us not forget, as well, how useful a hoody can be when it's time for that time-honored tradition: The Walk of Shame.

Sunnies: These are sunglasses. Shades, man. Even if you're going out at night, you may not technically know when your "night" will end. See above for further uses i.e. Walk of Shame.

Toggs: This means bathing suit. It's obviously useful advice for this time of year, but, hey, you never know when life may present you with a hot tub. It could happen in any season. Always be prepared.

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